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Facebook Considerations Medical Professionals May – or May not – Like


Professionals on Facebook

Professionals on Facebook

Professional Presence on Social Media

Social media persists in its applicability to connect people across the miles. Whether it is around the world or around the corner, social media keeps people connected and allows a perfect venue for marketing and advertising.

Using Social Media For Medical Connections


Doctors on social media

Doctors on social media


Many businesses use social media. It is simply the fastest and easiest way to build a customer base and keep in touch with present clients. This also proves to be true for medical professionals. Using social media to find and expand patient numbers is fast and simple.


If a medical professional intends to use social media as their venue, they must present themselves honestly and keep things professional. The image that the medical professional gives off in such things as daily posts and images will set the stage for how others perceive them. Avoiding inappropriate behavior is also important to maintain a professional image and garner new patients.

Meet Needs

Finding the right patients for the practice is important. A good tip to get these patients is to post information about expertise and experience. One may also want to consider making periodic posts about news, medical information in field of expertise, and fun facts and tips.

Prospective patients will appreciate the new knowledge that they can garner from such posts. This will result in friends’ requests as well as people following the posts on their personal pages. Soon the number of individuals following any posts will grow and expand.


Personal data

Personal data


Personal Information

Using social media can also be fun for personal needs. However, if you are serious about a practice or profession, your personal and professional pages should be kept separate. The same is true for the type of posts being placed on one’s wall. Personal information should not be posted on a professional page.

Establish The Boundaries

If the medical professional finds that they have a number of patients following their posts or liking their pages, be sure to set the boundaries. These are patients and not personal friends. While a certain level of personal connection is important to treat patients this does not mean that one should get too involved with them.

The sole purpose of the professional social media page is to spread information about the medical professional’s personal expertise. This will get the word out about what this individual knows, so when a prospective patient needs advice or help they will seek this individual out.

Rules of Thumb


Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette


The best way to keep things professional and above board is to follow some simple rules of thumb. These will aid in setting the boundaries that will offer a professional air to any social media page. Among these rules are:

–    Keep posts PG
–    Maintain doctor-patient parameters
–    Never lie
–    Rethink every post before posted
–    Respect copyright laws
–    Respond to feedback
–    Let community do the friending

Mind the Law

Medical professionals are well broached on the laws that encompass their profession. Although, social media has a unique set of rules and laws that must be followed. For example, any identifying remarks or comments that someone is a patient should be strictly prohibited.

When using social media keep the content of posts professional and on topic for medical concerns. Do not identify any patients in any type of comment or post. If a conversation occurs, it should be in private, in an office.

Building a Network


Build a social network

Build a social network


As time passes the posts made on a professional social media page can help to build a network. This will aid in getting expert advice and invaluable information out to people who need and want it. As the posts continue, the network of individuals following the posts will continue to grow and grow.

Other ways to build up a strong network of followers is to include links and pictures. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be invaluable. They also aid individuals viewing the post to understand the concepts easier, and more freely.

Hearing The Followers

The followers of a professional medical page will offer feedback and input concerning the posts made. This feedback can help to mold and develop the type of content shared. It is best to keep everything public so that the professional is sure to offer sound advice that all can use. Public information will also curb the instance of getting too personal with any one individual.

Using social media can enhance medical presence, spread and disperse a wide array of knowledge and expertise, as well as aid in garnering more patients for a practice. Keeping things professional and separating professional and personal pages is important to maintain composure as well as professional presence.

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